Open workstations in front of Glass privacy stations with bold green wall paint.


Thoughtful and innovative design can create inspiring workplaces where people want to be.

Your workplace is an investment, and Wiley Interiors can create dynamic workplaces that reinforces your company's culture and branding along with increasing employee attraction and retention. Thoughtfully designed workplaces can strongly impact an employee's creativity, innovation, engagement, efficiency, productivity and overall job satisfaction. When your employee's are successful, so is your business.

Wiley Interiors understand the challenges that today's businesses are facing. Business want to focus on their mission and their own clients and not so much on the furniture. Our creative teams can ease your mind and can create solutions that answer the questions of the today, but are flexible to evolve as your business evolves. We create solutions that elevate the work experience and furniture is just one of our many tools we use to create your inspiring workplace.

We have a comprehensive selection of furniture thought starters:

  • Seating
  • Conference Settings
  • Collaborative Settings
  • Height Adjustable Tables
  • Private Offices
  • Workstations

Many clients consider leasing for their projects, and it can include non-furniture items as well.

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Whether you are replacing a few chairs, moving to a new location or starting a new business, Wiley Interiors can provide a solution that fits your budget and timeline for a successful project.

“Over the past several years I have worked on multiple projects with Wiley Office Furniture. Most of all I value their professional guidance. I developed a level of trust with Diane on one of our first major projects which creatively transitioned our space from a traditional bank to a comfortable more ‘home-like’ atmosphere. Diane spent a significant amount of time showing us various furniture options and walking us through thoughtful scenarios. Wiley’s time and attention to detail made our ultimate project complete.”
Town & Country Bank Jennifer Stice | Managing Director & Chief Trust Officer

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