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Furniture is an investment. Protect and prolong the use of your investment with our warranty and repair services.

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We support Herman Miller's 12 year 3-shift warranty, as well as other excellent manufacturers' warranties. Our service team will find the correct parts and will provide an estimate if the manufacturer's warranty will not cover all the repair costs.

Our customer service—combined with our manufacturers' warranties and commitment to quality products—ensures excellent support over the lifetime of out products.

How to Adjust the Controls on Your Chair for Maximum Comfort & Support

If you work long hours at a desk, you need a well-made task chair so that you can sit in an ergonomically friendly manner and avoid the neck and back pain that people so commonly experience in the workplace. But even the best office chair will fail to keep you comfortable unless you properly adjust its controls for your body type and posture.

These days, task chairs have all sorts of advanced mechanisms for helping people sit comfortably throughout the workday.

Here are links to some of our most popular chairs to learn how to adjust your chair settings:

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