The Eyes Always Win

Why Adjustable Monitor Arms Make Sense

white height adjustable table with woman in black pants and leather jacket

Key Points

  • Organizations are shifting from assigned seats to shared workpoints.
  • In order for people to work healthfully from shared workpoints, they need to be able to adjust their tools and furnishings.
  • If the monitor isn’t in the right place—which varies by individual—people will contort their bodies in unhealthy ways in order to create the right distance between their eyes and the monitor.

Perhaps you can relate to a situation like this: on the day Lauren has to give a big presentation in front of her manager’s manager, she arrives at corporate headquarters just as the sun is coming up—early enough to score one of the unassigned workstations by the window. She knows that a view to nature is good for the brain, and she's glad for the extra boost it will give her going into the meeting.

The Eyes Always Win

Learn more about what Herman Miller's research team has discovered about the benefits of adjustable monitor arms.

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